How to Send a Text Message From Your Droid Phone

Send Text Message on Droid

1. Press "Messages"

Text messages (also known as texting) can be fun and easy on the Droid Phone. We’ll illustrate how to send a text message on the Android 2.2 HTC Incredible. Your Droid phone might look or act a little differently, but should be very similar to how the HTC Incredible sends text messages.

First, press “Messages” on your home screen. (See item highlighted with a green box on the image to the right.) If you don’t have the messaging icon on a home screen you can find it in your Application Launcher.

2. Press "New message"

The next screen you’ll see is a list of previous text messages you have already sent or received. At the top is a bar that says “New Message” with a plus sign to the left.

Press the “New Message” bar.

Select contacts from list

3. Enter phone number or select from your contact list.

Enter the phone number in the “To” box or click the button to the right (button of a person) in order to select from your list of contacts – some phones show a list of contacts for you to choose from when you start typing their name. Note: You may be able to select multiple contacts to send the text message to at one time. Now you are ready to type your message.

type and send message

4. Type message and Send.

Press “Tap to compose” or “Type to compose”…again depends on your phone model.

Type your message. Or press the microphone icon and speak your text to the phone… your Droid will type it for you!

We have some helpful typing tips on our site that can make your typing even easier when you are texting on your Droid phone.

To send your text message, press the button that has a quote box and right pointing arrow. (Highlighted in green on the image to the left) – or press the “Send” key, depending on your phone. Now your message has been sent.

Final Screen

5. Sceen will display sent message.

It will then bring up a screen showing you previous texts with that contact.

You can now type another message to that contact or scroll through and browse old text messages you’ve sent back and forth with this contact.

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