Droid Phone Home Screen Tips – Introduction

Watch this Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video
and learn how to add and delete shortcuts.
Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video - click to watch
Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video

The following Droid phone home screen tips will help you maximize your time. We’ll show you how to create shortcuts on any one of your home screens, move icons around and remove applications you don’t need any more.

(Watch the video tutorial at Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video.)

The home screens on the Droid are a lot like your computer’s desktop. Putting an icon on one of your home screens allows you to quickly access a program or application (app).

There are numerous Droid phones on the market. You may need to poke around a little bit on your phone if it doesn’t perform exactly like we show you below.

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips – Navigating to Your Main Home Screen

Home Screen Tips - Press the home buttonThe first  thing we’ll address in our Droid phone home screen tips is navigating your home screens.

Tip #1: To get to the main (center) home screen from anywhere:

  1. Press the home icon 1 time.

Keep in mind that all apps and programs will still be running in the background. So, even though you are now at your home screen, you have not closed the program or app you were running previously. A short press on your home icon is all it takes. Don’t “long press” on that icon as that will open other options.

Depending on the model of Droid phone you own, you have 3 or more home screens. This means you may have lots of screens to hold a bunch of shortcuts! There is always an odd number of home screens (i.e. 3, 5 or 7) with the center one being your main home screen. Get back to your main home screen quickly with a short press on your “home” icon.

Tip #2: To get to a home screen on the right (or left) of the main (center) home screen:

  1. Press anywhere on the home screen and drag you finger to the left. You may find it easiest to start with your finger in the center of the screen before dragging.

Get to any home screen by scrolling / dragging your finger left or right. To return to the main home screen, either drag your way back to the center or “short” press the home icon.

pinch in view all seven home screensTip #3: The HTC Incredible phone has 7 home screens. To get around all those screens quickly they have added a special way to  see all 7 home screens — making it easy for you to quickly select a home screen to jump to. Choose one of the following options to see all 7 home screens at once:

  1. From the main home screen, “short” press the home button 1 time.
  2. From any screen other than the main home screen, press the home button 2 times (double-tap).
  3. From any home screen, start with your thumb and index finger apart and drag and pinch them together.

Watch this lesson on video: Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video.

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips – Add a Shortcut to a Home Screen

Adding a shortcut is one of the Droid phone home screen tips that will save you a bunch of time. Shortcuts save you time so that you don’t have to scroll through the list of programs and apps to find the one you want. You can open the program or app with one touch.

Tip #4: First Option for Adding a Shortcut

  1. App Tray and All Programs ButtonScroll to a home screen that has some empty space (need help scrolling? see Tip #2 or #3 above).
  2. Browse your list of programs / apps. On the Motorola Droid, slide up the App Icon Tray at the bottom of the screen. On the HTC Incredible, press the All Programs button on the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Long Press (press and hold) the program/app you want to add. The phone will shake and take you to the home screen and the app icon will be stuck to your finger.
  4. Move your finger around on the home screen until you find the spot where you want the shortcut to live.
  5. Release the program by lifting your finger off of the phone.

Tip #5: Second Option for Adding a Shortcut

  1. Scroll to a home screen that has some empty space (need help scrolling? see Tip #2 or #3 above).
  2. Long Press (press and hold) on the blank spot where you want the shortcut to live. This will open a screen with options to add shortcuts, widgets, folders, wall papers and other items.
  3. Press widget or program.
  4. Press the widget or program you want.

Once you add Icons to your Screen, you may want to move them around or reposition them. You can do this on the screen where they currrently live or even move them to off to another home screen.

Tip #6: Move Icons Around on your Home Screens

  1. Long Press (press and hold) on an Icon and don’t let go. The icon will grow in size a bit and your phone will shake.
  2. Drag/Move the Icon (it is now stuck to your finger!) where there is blank space for it to live.
  3. Release your finger from the phone (let go now) and the Icon will stay where you moved it as long as there is room for it there.
  4. If your goal is to move an Icon to another home screen, simply drag it (step 2 above) to the edge of your screen (don’t let go yet) and the screen should scroll to another home screen (if there is another one in that direction available) — keep holding the Icon and drag it on that screen where you want it to go then release. As long as there is room, it will stay there.

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips - Remove a Shortcut from a Home Screen

Removing a shortcut or icon may not be one of the Droid phone home screen tips that you think you’ll need. But we’ll show you how to delete an app anyway! Who knows. Maybe you’ll add a shortcut to a game and down the road get tired of playing it. You’ll want to make room for your new favorite game!

Important Note: Removing the shortcut does NOT delete the program or app from your phone. It simply removes it from your home screen.

Tip #7: Removing a Shortcut or Icon off of your Home Screen

  1. Long press and hold on the shortcut icon you want to remove. The phone will shake (don’t let go!).
  2. Drag the icon toward the bottom of the screen. A trash can will appear at the bottom.
  3. Drag the icon on top of the trash can. It will turn red warning you that you are about to remove the icon.
  4. Release the icon in the trash by pulling your finger away from the phone.

Watch this lesson on video: Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video.

Use My Droid Power Tip Logo
Use My Droid “Power Tip”

Use My Droid “Power Tip”

You may find shortcuts to your favorite apps and programs sooo convenient that you run out of home screen space. If you do, you’ll want to start adding folders to organize all your shortcuts. Create folders for various types of shortcuts or icons. Love games? Create a folder with all your favorites. Are you on the phone a lot? Create a folder of all your favorite phone numbers. Love to organize? Put icons to apps that have similar functions in a shared folder – you choose the folder name that makes sense to you.

Tips #8 – 10: Working with Folders on your Home Screens

To add a folder to organize your icons:

  1. Scroll to a home screen that has some empty space.
  2. Long press on an empty space where you want the folder to live.
  3. Press Folders.
  4. Press New Folder.

To move icons into to your new folder:

  1. Long press on an icon you want in the folder. The phone will shake (don’t release yet).
  2. Drag the icon on top of the folder.
  3. Release the icon and the icon is now IN the folder.

To rename the folder:

  1. Press on the folder to open the folder.
  2. Long Press on the current folder name at the top (it starts out named “folder”).
  3. Enter the text for the folder name you desire.
  4. Press OK and the folder is now renamed.

Tip #11: If you move a folder to the trash, you will also trash all the shortcuts in that folder. You will NOT delete the items permenantly from your phone, just the shortcuts to them. To remove or delete apps from your phone you must “uninstall” them – a topic for a different Droid Tutorial.

Watch this lesson on video: Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video.
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