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Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video – Introduction

As one of our helpful Droid Phone Tutorials, this UseMyDroid video will help you get the most out of Using Your Home Screen.

Your Droid’s home screens are places where you can save shortcuts or links to various functions, programs or Applications. The icons that live on your different home screens get you quickly to where you want to go. You can think of your Droid Phone’s home screens like your computer’s desktop.

Each type of Droid Phone may have some slight variations on these tips, but the fundamentals remain the same… so here we go.

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips Video - Navigating to the Main Screen From Any Screen

After you have turned on your phone and unlocked it, you’ll see A home screen. To get to your MAIN Home Screen, press the Home Icon 1 time. Even if you’re way off to the side on some far off home screen, pressing the home icon will return you to your primary or main home screen.

Depending on the model of your Droid Phone you will have 3 or more home screens. From your main home screen – That’s the one in the middle, slide your finger to the right and you will see one or more home screens that live on the left. Slide your finger to the left and you’ll see the other home screens that live on the right. Get back to your main home screen by pressing the Home Icon.

The HTC Incredible phone, lets you see all 7 of its home screens at one time so you can quickly jump to the one you want.

If you are viewing the main home screen, simply press on the Home Icon again. If you’re not on the main home screen double-tap on the home icon – or you can pinch-in to view all seven home screens at one time.

Select the home screen you want to view and it comes into focus. From what we can tell this is a special feature just for the HTC phones.

(Learn more on the Droid Phone Home Screen Tips article.)

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips – Add an Icon (Shortcut) to Any Home Screen – Option #1

Let’s see how to add an icon to our home screen. Find a blank place on a home screen and let’s add an application to it. This can be done at least 2 different ways, let’s start with the most common way.

Once you’ve arrived at a home screen that has some empty space, open up your Application storage area.

On the Motorola Droid, do this by sliding up on the App Tray Icon which lives at the bottom of your screen… On HTC Incredible, press the “All Programs” arrow on the bottom left.

Now that you can see all the apps or programs that are currently installed on your droid phone, scroll around ’till you find one you might frequently like to run and we’ll make a shortcut to it on your home screen.

This is done by simply pressing and holding on the icon – know as a “Long Press”. You’ll feel the phone shake and the icon will grow slightly in size, then you’ll be instantly transported to the home screen where you started and the app icon will be stuck to your finger… move your finger around to where you want the icon to go and then release.

You’ve done it. Now you have a shortcut to the app on your home screen – simply press it once to run the App. This means you can get to that particular app quicker than opening up your app storage area, searching for the app, and then selecting it.

You can reposition any icon on the home screen by long pressing on it and dragging it to where you want it to go -  just as long as you have room.

You can even move it over to other home screens by dragging the icon to the left or to the right edge of the screen. Wherever you let go, as long as there is room for it, the icon will stay put, until you move it again.

(Learn more on the Droid Phone Home Screen Tips article.)

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips – Removing Icons (Shortcuts)

So now, you might get carried away and get too many icons on your screen. So, we need to learn how to get rid of some of the icons. Let’s take one of them off of the home screen.

Removing an icon off your home screen does not actually delete the app or function off of your phone but simply removes the icon or shortcut. To remove an app, you have to uninstall it which we’ll cover in a different training video.

So let’s remove an icon off of our home screen. Long press on the icon you want to remove and hold. You’ll feel your phone shake, then drag it down towards the bottom of your screen.

The middle section at the bottom will turn into a trash can and once you drag it onto that area the icon you’re moving and the trash can will both turn red, warning you that you’re about to trash the icon off of your home screen. Then, let go when they’re both red, and you’ll have successfully removed the icon from your home screen.

Droid Phone Home Screen Tips – Add an Icon (Shortcut) to Any Home Screen – Option #2

Another way to add an icon to your home screen is to Long Press on a blank area on your home screen. You’ll be presented with some options, and you can choose to add Shortcuts, Widgets, Folders, Wallpapers, and other neat stuff to that particular home screen.

Spend some time poking around here and you’ll be surprised at all the things that you now NEED to have living on your home screen for quick and easy access!

When you get too may items on your home screens you may need to start adding folders to organize them which leads us to our…

(Learn more on the Droid Phone Home Screen Tips article.)


Make folders to organize your icons

  1. Long press on your home screen
  2. Choose Folders
  3. Choose New Folder
  4. Long Press and Drag icons onto your new folder to put them into the folder
  5. Open the folder by selecting it
  6. Rename the folder by Long Pressing on it’s name, then enter text to rename it
  7. Close the folder by pressing the X in the upper right, or press the BACK icon

Warning, if you trash a folder you’re gonna trash all the icons that live in it as well… but, they’re still not deleted off of your phone.

There you have it, now you know some more about home screen usage on your Droid phone. I hope you can remember where you put all your icons!

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Happy home screening!

(Learn more on the Droid Phone Home Screen Tips article.)
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