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Android Voice Commands Fix Tip
Android Voice Commands can be a bit tricky – that’s why you may need this fix tip. In case you have tried using the Android Voice Commands and they are just not working for you, we have a fix that will hopefully make it all work out on your Droid phone. If you have not read our intro tip or tutorial article about Android Voice Commands, you may want to now.

But just because we have written about it a little, does not mean it is automatically going to work on your phone!

Android Voice Commands Fix Tip – The Problem
When Android Voice Commands are not working properly, you usually end up with a Google Search online for what you were hoping your phone would be doing. Instead of getting a Text Message ready to send, you see the Google Search results for “Send text to Bob…” – not what you were looking for!

Android Voice Commands Fix Tip – will it work?
This happens for a couple of reasons: 1) Your phone is not capable of doing the full set of Voice Commands or 2) Your phone’s software parts are not properly updated.

To determine if your phone can do this Android Voice Commands (technically called Android Voice Actions) thing at all, go to the Android Market, then search for an App called “Voice Search” by Google. If you can not see it, then I’m sorry, but the coolness factor of your phone just took a nose dive!

If you can’t download the “Voice Search” app from the Market, then you most likely will not be able to do all the Android Voice Commands on your phone. Check with your Service Provider for details on what you can do.

Android Voice Commands Fix Tip – Voice Search is visible in the Market, now what?
So assuming that you CAN see the FREE “Voice Search” app by Google in the Market, then we have a fix that should get things working for you. Leave the Market for now and follow the next few steps in order and hopefully you’ll be ready to go using the Android Voice Commands like we have discussed in other tips articles and tutorials here at

  1. Choose “Menu” and then “Settings”
  2. Choose “Applications” then “Manage Applications”
  3. Find a way to “Show All” your Apps in this “Manage Applications area”
  4. Scroll to find the App called “Voice Search” and Select it
  5. Press the “Clear Data” button (yes, do it)
  6. Go Home
  7. Go to the Market and Search for the “Voice Search” App by Google
  8. Select the Free “Voice Search” App and Download it or Update it to your phone
  9. If asked, say “Yes”, you are OK letting Google watch your voice commands corrections

Android Voice Commands Fix Tip – Did it work?
Now that you have cleared the Voice Search data and re-installed the App by the same name onto your phone, your Android Voice Commands should be working. When you tell it things to do, it should start doing things instead of just taking you to a Google Search. We have noted on our other tips articles and tutorials that certain phones don’t like you using the “to” word, so you may want to keep that in mind when your say your commands.

Android Voice Commands Fix Tip – All better now?
This Android Voice Commands fix tip is usually what needs to be done to make the phone you have work with Android Voice Commands – assuming you can see the “Voice Search” app in the Market like we said above. Is it all better now for you? Let us know if this helped or not in the comments below. Have fun talking to your phone and making it do stuff for you!

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