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Android Call Log Improved

For those out there that have Droid phones sporting the Android 2.2 (or greater) operating system (nick-named “froyo”), there is an enhanced Call Log or you might call it an improved call log now.

Android Call Log Discovery

I stumbled upon this improvement when looking up a phone number I had recently called. I was in the car (pulled over, mind you) talking with my wife and the conversation went something like this: “Let me look at the call log, Hey what’s that! That’s new, Look at that, cool the multiple calls to you are grouped together now.”

Android Call Log Explained

Use My Droid Power Tip LogoTIP: When you have more than one call (or communication) with the same phone number on a single day, the calls are grouped now and show the number of communications with that phone next to the phone number info or the contact name if they are already in your contacts list, so they don’t take up as much room. You can expand the contact info in the call log or contract it.

Once you expand or open up the grouped Droid call log record for that specific number you see if the call was made to you, or placed by you, missed, etc. plus each listing is now displayed in the expanded view with the time it happened, etc.

Android Call Log Shorter

This makes your Droid call log shorter and easier to manage especially if you have multiple calls to/from the same number in a single day.

What else have you noticed that might be new about your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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