Android 2.2.1 Update – New Android Gmail and more

Watch the Android 2.2.1 Update – Gmail and more video
Android 2.2.1 Update - New Android Gmail and more
Android 2.2.1 Update Video – New Droid Gmail

The Android 2.2.1 Update recently came out for various Droid phones. If you haven’t received your update yet…it should be coming soon.

And if you absolutely positively must have the new Gmail features… well, we’ll tell you how to get that in our Power Tip below.

Google released a new Gmail update for Android phones on December 9, 2010. And the update to the Froyo Android operating system came out the next day as version 2.2.1.

Not only was Gmail updated, but there were changes to the Twitter widget, the Amazon widget and the News & Weather widget. Oh, and sync issues for Microsoft Exchange were fixed as well.

Android 2.2.1 Update – New Droid Gmail Features
The Android 2.2.1 updated items that have us the most excited are the improvements to Gmail. Items like Priority Inbox, Reply Inline, changing your From Address, and changing Reply to Reply All easily. Let’s take a look at all these features more closely.

Android 2.2.1 Update – New Android Gmail Priority Inbox
For those using “priority inbox” in Gmail on your desktop computer, the Android 2.2.1 update now makes it possible to use that filter on your Droid phone, too! Now, when you access your inbox, you see messages with white backgrounds (indicating unread messages) and messages with grey backgrounds (indicating read messages).

Priority messages will have a little yellow marker indicating they are important. You can now filter your email. The system now monitors your behavior to help determine what is more important vs. less important. You can also change your settings so that you only receive an alert for more important emails. To turn on Priority Inbox on your Droid phone:

  1. Go to Gmail on your phone
  2. Select Menu
  3. Select More
  4. Select Settings
  5. Select Priority Inbox.

Watch this lesson on video: Android 2.2.1 Update Video – New Droid Gmail and more.

Android 2.2.1 Update – New Droid Gmail “From” Feature
The Android 2.2.1 Update now allows you to select a different email address to send messages from. Meaning if you have set up more than one email address for your Gmail account on your phone, you can select which “from” address you will use. To change which email address to send from:

  1. While composing a message, press anywhere at the top in the “from” email address area.
  2. A list of your Gmail account’s authorized email address will appear, select the one you want.

Android 2.2.1 Update – New Droid Gmail Enhanced Reply All
The enhanced Reply All feature in the Android 2.2.1 update is one of those simple changes that make a big difference. At any point in time when you are replying to a message, you can now change it to a “Reply All” or “Forward” or basic “Reply” request.

In the past, once you selected the type of reply, you were stuck with it. Now you can change your mind and Reply All if you want. To change a reply message to a Reply All (or other choices):

  1. Begin by reading a message.
  2. To Reply, Press the arrow next to the word “Reply”.
  3. Select Reply All or Forward.
  4. Continue with your message.

Android 2.2.1 Update – New Android Gmail Reply Inline
Ok, so I just made a big deal about the Reply All feature above, but this next Android 2.2.1 Update is really stellar. You can now Reply Inline. Meaning, you can type right in the middle of an email you received.

Let’s say someone asks you a couple of questions in an email and you want your answers right next to each question. You can now choose to Reply Inline and scroll down to the sender’s original questions and type your answers in the middle of their email. This is not a new concept for desktop software, but an awesome update for Droid Phones. To reply Inline:

  1. Reply to a message (see above).
  2. Scroll up to the top of your message.
  3. Press Respond Inline.
  4. Press the text area.
  5. Add your text to the original message where you need to Inline with the original text.

Android 2.2.1 Update – New Droid Gmail Send And Draft Buttons
There are two new buttons in the Android 2.2.1 Update. This new Droid Gmail update now uses two Icon buttons to represent Send and Draft.

At the top of your message, on the right side you have two Icons. The left Icon is an envelope with an arrow. It’s the “send” button. The one on the right is a computer disk and clock. It’s the “draft” button. Select the Draft button to save your email to send at a later time.

Watch this lesson on video: Android 2.2.1 Update Video – New Droid Gmail and more.

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Use My Droid “Power Tip”

Use My Droid “Power Tip”

For those who haven’t received their Android 2.2.1 Update, you can still get the New Android Gmail update! You must have Android 2.2 system or higher (sorry if you only have 2.1).

To see what version of the Android operating system you currently have on your phone:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Scroll to About Phone.
  4. The phone info screen will have your “Android Version” number.

To install the Gmail App, scan this barcode or go to the Android Market.

gmail barcode for android phone

In order for the barcode to work, you will want a barcode reader like NeoReader.

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Watch this lesson on video: Android 2.2.1 Update Video – New Droid Gmail and more.
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