Droid Phone Tips Tricks and Video Tutorials
Droid phone help is just a click away. UseMyDroid.com is one of the most helpful places on the Internet to learn about your Droid phone. We have created some awesome ways for you to start (or continue) your Droid phone journey.

We know that people learn in different ways, so we have a good mix of video and non-video tips, tricks and tutorials to help you get the most our of your Droid phone. Droid Help is here!

Droid Phone Tips
We have some quick Droid Tips to help you get the most out of your phone. Read a couple as a quick intro or reminder of what the Droid Phone can do for you. We will frequently update our Droid Tips, so check back often for the latest. They are numbered to help you keep track. These are quick “Droid Info Snacks”, our other items are more of a “meal”.

Droid Phone Videos – Video Tutorials
You may have found us by starting your Droid phone learning journey on YouTube or one of the many other video hosting sites on the Internet. Welcome! You have found the right place for Droid Help. Have a look around. You will find an ever expanding set of Droid phone video tutorials right here. The text versions that accompany our Droid video tutorials add extra value to what the videos cover. Watch or read or do both. Feel free to learn the way that is best for you.

Droid Phone Text Tutorials
Each of our Video Tutorials mentioned above will have an accompanying Text Version. We can always cover more details in our Text Tutorials than we can in their Video counterparts. We try to keep the video versions short, but there is always more to discuss, which is why we make a text version as well. You may find that the extra details and tips included in the text tutorials help you uncover that extra special something that really answers what you came for. Watch the videos, read the text versions, or do both. It’s up to you to learn the way that fits you best.

Droid Phone Video Wall
If you already know what you want to learn about your droid phone, search for it on our site or watch other videos on our “Droid Video Wall“. This Wall of Droid videos incorporates much of the volumes of video training available on the entire Internet in one easy to navigate location right here on UseMyDroid.com.

Use its easy & cool way to get around and its very powerful search tool to search for any Droid topic you like out of the entire set of Droid video tutorials on the Internet!

Droid Phone Tutorial Sets
When you are new to the droid phone world you may not even know where to start. Sometimes you are not sure which are the right questions to ask! That’s why we offer “sets” of videos to watch which will guide you through what you might need to know in an orderly fashion. You can always jump around from video to video, but we will also have a path for you to follow if you like. We’ve also got text based tutorial “sets” as well.

We plan on having sets of videos for those that want a basic kick start, those interested in customizing their Droid phone, those that want to focus on productivity tools and those that want to focus on music, or navigation, or… who knows! We even have plans on how to use your Droid phone like a telephone! (Imagine that) There is so much you can do with your Droid phone – so we plan on having many video tutorials and text based tutorials grouped into many different sets to help you on your Droid phone journey.

However you like to learn, we trust that this Droid phone learning website will be of value to you. Enjoy what we have ready for you now, and come back to visit later when you are ready to learn more (or remember what you may have forgotten).

Please leave a comment on your experience here and any suggestions you may have to improve our site to make it even better for your Droid phone needs — Enjoy!